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Nova Innova

An award winning bio-design studio, that combines nature, science and design to generate groundbreaking sustainable solutions.


POND gives the water a voice, by measuring her health and translating her well-being through color projections on floating domes autonomously, all powered by the water itself through the Microbial Fuel Cell technology.
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Living Light – Lamp

Together with Plant-e, we developed a lamp which harvests its energy through the photosynthetic process of the plant.
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Living Light – Parks

Can a city park’s lighting be powered by plants? Yes!
Together with Plant-e we developed a magical park in Rotterdam, where the lights will lead your way as you walk along.
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We provide talks and expositions to show and inspire about the power of nature. Highlight the importance of the cross-pollination between design, science and technology to shape the city of tomorrow.

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“Collaboration equals innovation”

- Michael Dell -