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Meet Our Team

There are many interesting things happening in laboratories all over the world, which remain invisible to the general public. The team of Nova Innova has the aim to bridge the gap between science and everyday life, by developing sustainable applications in the form of a powerful design. We hope to inspire others and help shape our future in a positive way.

Ermi van Oers


"We should keep dreaming and visualise our dreams to inspire others, to come closer to a more sustainable energy system."

Marco van Noord

Embedded Developer

"Technical challenges, in other words, nerd-stuff is what I like. I love to search for the borders of what's possible."

Nick de Ronde

Interaction & Software Developer

"The projects we develop at Nova Innova contain very complex technologies, I like to explore how to make it simple and understandable for everybody."

Karlijn Arts

Communication & Operations

“I want to make sure that people realise that nature is already supplying us with everything we need, we just have to tap into its potential with care"

Frank Fondse

Business & Finance

"I am inspired by a fair future for people and planet. Using my skills to turn valuable ideas into valuable businesses."

Casper Borsje


The ability of bacteria to produce electricity has been a fascination for me since my Master studies, and led me to complete my PhD studies on the topic of Microbial Electrochemistry at Wageningen University and Wetsus. Working with Nova Innova allows me to continue working with these amazing microbes and find ways to produce electrical power from our environment!

Remi-David Koster

Electronics Engineer

Desh Ramnath

Strategy, Business Development, Marketing & Sales

“I believe that humanity should change the way they do things and interact with the ecosystem they live in, in order to become truly happy and lead a stress-free life. But, change by nature’s law, demands action”

Guido Puijk

Biologist & Researcher - Intern

“We need to find ways to live in a mutualistic symbiosis with everything around us, and microbial fuel cell technology is trying to do just that”.

Agoston Walter

Industrial Designer - Intern

“I wanted to join Nova Innova because I see Microbial Fuel Cells as a way to connect natural ecologies and human industry, and through this connection create new relationships between us and the World”.


We believe in the power of nature, science and design. The Nova Innova Foundation wants to shine a bright light on this impactful application which will accelerates the transition towards clean air, clean water and clean energy. The foundation was established to support research, design and development of sustainable innovations in which design, technology and nature come together. If you want to know more about the partners we collaborate with or about studies we are currently performing, send us an email:

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