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Meet Nova Innova

Welcome to Nova Innova, an award-winning bio-design studio in Rotterdam, led by designer Ermi van Oers. We seamlessly integrate nature, science, and design to pioneer sustainable solutions. Our team bridges the gap between laboratories and everyday life, we create solutions based on the interdependence of nature and humanity: Symbiotic Design.

Holistic growth

At Nova Innova, we challenge the status quo and aiming for holistic growth rather than financial growth. We imagine a future where nutrients become our new currency and ecosystems have a voice. Wonder is not just a tool for inspiration; it's a catalyst for transformative change.


We're on a mission to reconnect humans with the beauty of nature's services, which are often taken for granted. Nova Innova demonstrates that we can meet our daily needs in collaboration with nature, becoming part of the ecosystem in a modern and exciting way.


We’re an ecosystem in every sense of the word. Our team is a diverse blend of talents, ranging from passionate scientists to inventive engineers, from visionary designers to electronic experts. We thrive on this diversity, as it allows us to approach challenges from multiple perspectives, sparking creativity and driving innovation.


We believe in the power of nature, science and design. The Nova Innova Foundation wants to shine a bright light on this impactful application which will accelerates the transition towards clean air, clean water and clean energy. The foundation was established to support research, design and development of sustainable innovations in which design, technology and nature come together. If you want to know more about the partners we collaborate with or about studies we are currently performing, send us an email:

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