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POND will become the first floating network in the world which will harvest its energy from organic compounds in the water. With this energy we establish multiple things: collect and send data on the quality of the water and at the same time the wellbeing is shown by different colours of light.
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Energy from microbes

Nova Innova is creating the POND network. What would be more beautiful then generating electricity from a collaboration with living organisms? POND generates energy from water through the Microbial Fuel Cell technology. Simply put, it is energy generated by microbes. Microbes break down organic compounds and release electrons during this process. We capture those electrons in order to create electricity.
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POND: Power Of Nature-based Design

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The first step before taking a giant leap

Worldwide, 14 people die every day due to unsafe water. Currently, 60% of European water bodies are highly polluted, which poses a serious threat to the environment & public health. 

POND functions as a communication & interaction platform between the bacteria, the water and humans. Without including the voice of nature in our everyday life, into our political process, we cannot not speak of democracy, as one of the most important voices is missing.

Currently, we are actively seeking additional support and partners to implement POND in the field, aiming to catalyze positive change towards a future where humans, nature, and technology thrive in symbiosis.

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